Sassy Silk

To kick off our site, Sassy takes us through a tour of the many uses for a sheet of Habotai silk. Make a shirt, backpack, skirt, hoodie, scarf, sling, and more.

PS : We will improve the quality of our audio next time!

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  1. This could work with a sarong too. I think

  2. true – it would work with any kind of fabric of approximately that size and shape (or even other sizes and shapes, which makes for some interesting costuming capabilities if you have hugs scraps of cloth :) ) – but with the silk you get the multi-purpose-ness and the warmth and…of course… the light weight.

  3. Lavalilly

    very cool!

  4. Clare

    Wow, very impressive video demonstration of the power of imagination and of an intense desire to be efficient! Very versatile and elegant!

    Query: Do you have a waist size to square length ratio?

    Also, when you redo the audio, can you add a halter top, an elegant wrap, and sleeves? (Sleeves would be like a wrap, but wound around the arms instead of hanging down in front.)

    Fantastic performance!

  5. this is awesome. I am a very earthy kinda girl and This is totally hippie! lol

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