Apocalypse Belt of Joy

apocalypse belt of joy from golightweight videos on Vimeo.

Ever wished “damn, if only i had………”? Well, then this little tour of sassy’s ‘Apocalypse Belt of Joy‘ is for you.  Always ready for anything, sassy pauses in her journeying to take us through her belt pouch of preparedness: the blueprint for a kit you may need at any moment, from the mundane daily, to when shit hits the fan, rarely when expected, and especially when traveling – the video was actually shot on the train! The message? Whatever your walk of life, carrying a kit of ‘problem solving stuff’ with you at all times totally pays for itself in karma and general bad-ass-ed-ness points, not to mention solved problems.  The basic design? Make it portable, flexible, and of course, light weight. Got your own ideas for additions, subtractions, or substitutions? Or perhaps you have your own kit entirely? Post it, and lets all be ready for the apocalypse together (and with joy)!

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