Ultraportable Computing With The Nokia N800

Scott introduces us to the Nokia N800 Internet tablet and iGo keyboard. For more information, try these links:

N800s on Ebay
N800 on Wikipedia
Maemo on Wikipedia The Linux based OS running on the N800
N800 on Nokia’s Site
N810 WiMax on Nokia’s Site (Wimax support, keyboard, gps, and more)
iGo Folding Keyboard on Amazon

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  1. […] recently posted a video about my Nokia N800. While it’s an amazing machine, sometimes it’s just too underpowered for my needs. […]

  2. […] manifest. I’ve long pulled large bits of reading material down to a portable device suchas my n800 for reading on the go. However, this method comes with a few drawbacks. First, there’s a […]

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