Western Pack Hiking Backpack

On a whim, I picked up the Wester Pack Hiking Backpack. I first saw it on eBay, but made my purchase on Amazon where it is now sold out. For nearly $40, I expected the pack to be of relatively low quality. I bought the pack with the intention of using it as an emergency bug out bag (BoB). After looking the pack over, I decide to put the pack right to use.

As seen in the attached photo, I loaded the pack down and took it to Mexico. In addition to cramming the pack full, I attached my extra bags, including my laptop bag, to the Western Pack. I was pushing the pack to see if would fail. The pack held strong aside from one seam that gave a few stiches when I attempted to lift the entire overloaded by a tightening strap. I would provide a photo, but the seam doesn’t appear damaged enough to show up in a picture!

While the pack may not be as comfortable as my trusted Osprey, I had no complaints after days of heavy travel. If you’re looking for a spare pack or just to save money on your backpack purchase, I highly recommend this product…. that is, if you can find it. I have seen some outlets raise the price as high as $50, but generally it runs for around $40.

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  1. Thats rad! Good luck on your travels. Im 18 just graudated, and im heading out your way next month from Saskatchewan, I plan to hop a ferry in horseshoe bay to the gulf Islands, then to Vancouver Island. Im feeling pretty overwhelmed with the idea already :S Pretty sure its a normal or understandable feeling to get before headiing out though haha. But again good? luck, hope your journey is an awesome one!

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