The Sleep In Shade Wall


The Sleep In Shade Wall for Dome Tents: Made for summer camping & festivals! Keeps you cooler and drier in the morning. Easily attaches directly to your tent, like a rain fly. A custom shaped, heat reflective sun-shade. Designed to block the morning sun with no extra poles, ropes, or stakes. The Sleep In Shade Wall weighs less than a pound and easily attaches to your tent with adjustable straps. The Sleep In Shade Wall is guaranteed to upgrade your camping experience! The rounded shape and adjustable straps allow it to fit on almost any dome style tent. 4, 5 or 6 sides? No problem! And if you don’t like the shiny “space blanket” look, just put it under your rain fly, it still works great!

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  1. i am new to your blog so i’m not sure if you got our scissors or not but here’s an idea…when you get them, take them to a jerlewy store and have them engrave your name or monogram in them. it makes them so special and personal. when i was in college my grandma gave me a pair of ginghers with my full name engraved on the blade. it was thoughtful but practical considering it was college and all. no one was going to steal my ginghers with my name on them! they are good as new and i think of my grandma every time i use them. i will definitely have them forever!

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