Alfie Aesthetics Backpacking Essentials

Alfie Aesthetics provides a fun tour through his collection of backpacking and wilderness survival essentials. Enjoy!

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  1. yes, I made the paper butterflies out of paper and my slice cntuitg machine! :)@emily hmm, kind of a hodge podge of bedding! The brown fuzzy throw is from Costco, the plaid one from Walmart.. white duvet cover is Ikea and polka dot sheets I bought at Winners years ago! ..oh, and pink throw, I made. :)@marcy.. you sooooo should! Laine really enjoyed that one! ..and it is super cute! ;)@janna the scrapbook paper with the dear on it is sassafras from a few years ago though! ;)March 20, 2012 10:50 am

  2. Hey! That’s one hell of a nice Google map. Personally, I’m not that into bikes; I prefer my SUV any day, but I’m a sucker for kick-ass maps!How’d you do that??? I’d really like to know.Thomas

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