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Sleeping at Your Desk

As the cost of rent skyrockets, many of my friends are living in ever-smaller studio apartments. They cram all their belongings into impossibly tiny spaces where a single room serves as their living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and more. Designers are getting pretty good at making comfortable living areas out of small spaces, but this new design by French designer Florian Jouy goes far beyond anything you’ll find at Ikea.

He has created a desk that turns into…. Voila! A bed! Yes, now you can transform your home office into a bedroom and vice versa.

It’s definitely a cool, innovative design and the bed and desk have very clean, modern lines. He even incorporated a large drawer for storing office supplies or bedding. The sides and top of the desk fold down to form the bed platform, and the three-tiered seat cushions that serve as the desk’s chair can be separated and used as a mattress. The storage section of the desk turns into the headboard.

I applaud Monsieur Jouy for his creativity, but I’m hesitant to run out and buy this when it goes on the market (right now it’s still a design concept that hasn’t hit stores). Let’s think about it…. Isn’t sleeping on a wooden plank about the same as sleeping on a hard floor? Yes, the cushions might help, but it seems like they might move around while you’re lying on top of them. And if those cushions really provide enough padding for sleeping on, aren’t they going to be difficult to sit on while working at the desk?

Those concerns are just speculation, and I’d have to see the real thing before deciding. But my major concern about this piece of furniture relates to how I use a desk. Take a minute and look around your computer – isn’t it surrounded by papers, files, pens, pencils, chargers, a phone, and all sorts of other office supplies? Try as I might, I’m never able to get rid of all the little piles on my desk, and the thought of having to do so each night before bed (or at lease cramming everything onto the smaller storage section) is daunting.

Multipurpose furniture is a great idea, but I think I’d rather keep the bed and desk separate for a while longer, at least until Monsieur Jouy comes out with a new and improved design.