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Alfie Aesthetics Backpacking Essentials

Alfie Aesthetics provides a fun tour through his collection of backpacking and wilderness survival essentials. Enjoy!

Rural Revolutions’ Bug-out-Bag

Rural Revolution's Bug Out BagRural Revolutions posted about their Bug out Bag. My favorite part of their post was the enlightening idea of having important personal documents in your BoB. This did not occur to me before. A copy of your birth certificate or passport could be extremely useful in many bug out situations. Brilliant. I hope RR doesn’t mind me re-posting their gear list and photo as I found the original a little hard to read with the gear list squished together. Here’s a full list of what they put in their bag:

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Jeff The Canuck’s Earthquake Bug Out Bag

This Bag Could Save Your Life.

Jeff’s 10lbs bag is a basic earthquake survival bag. It contains a thermal, t-shirt, duct tape, rope, shoes, socks, multi-tool, beef jerky, jeans, hat, coat hanger, jacket, water, gloves, map, rain poncho, masks, sun glasses, radio, survival whistle, pen, sharpie, instructional book, contact book, first aid kit, cash, signal mirror, bathroom items, power bars, lighter, bar of soap, and a spare watch.

Mat’s Bag For Nicaragua

Mat Honan posted his gear for a Nicaragua trip to flickr, check it out. Great addition to the “What’s In The Bag” series.

Sea Otter’s Burning Man Bag

Burning Man Gear

Burning Man Gear

Seaotter22 psoted her core burning man gear. I thought it made a fabulous addition to the “Whats In The Bag” section. Burning Man is a unique event with unique needs. One fundamental component of Burning Man is “radical self reliance.” Here you will find people who want to survive and thrive in a relatively challenging environment. Everything you pack in, you must back out. The event is “leave no trace”, meaning the group leaves absolutely nothing behind. Bring enough to survive, but bring nothing more than you’re willing to take responsibility for. Definitely a go lightweight event. Click the image above to explore all the items in the photo.

Essential Executive Travel Gear

Andy over at Digital Nomads wrote a post titled “My Essential Executive Travel Gear.” With the same “what’s in the bag” feel of Sassy’s recent post on the Apocolypse Belt of Joy, Andy takes us on a journey of the gear he takes on the road. My personal favorite item has to be the happy face buttons. Thanks Andy!

Apocalypse Belt of Joy

apocalypse belt of joy from golightweight videos on Vimeo.

Ever wished “damn, if only i had………”? Well, then this little tour of sassy’s ‘Apocalypse Belt of Joy‘ is for you.  Always ready for anything, sassy pauses in her journeying to take us through her belt pouch of preparedness: the blueprint for a kit you may need at any moment, from the mundane daily, to when shit hits the fan, rarely when expected, and especially when traveling – the video was actually shot on the train! The message? Whatever your walk of life, carrying a kit of ‘problem solving stuff’ with you at all times totally pays for itself in karma and general bad-ass-ed-ness points, not to mention solved problems.  The basic design? Make it portable, flexible, and of course, light weight. Got your own ideas for additions, subtractions, or substitutions? Or perhaps you have your own kit entirely? Post it, and lets all be ready for the apocalypse together (and with joy)!