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The Joys of Shared Bathrooms in Hostels

Whenever budget-minded travelers get together, the conversation inevitably turns to hostels and the desperate measures we’ll take to save a few bucks on our travel accommodations. Hostels are great for the pocketbook, but not so wonderful in some other respects.

You know what I’m talking about. You want to save money, so you opt for a hostel that has a shared bathroom, even though the lack of privacy makes you a bit squeamish. When it’s time to take a shower, you have two choices. You can try to get dressed inside the shower stall, even though the clothes always get wet no matter how carefully you shower, either from splashing water or because other lodgers have already soaked every possible surface. The other option is to wrap yourself in a ridiculously small, threadbare towel and run through the hall back to your little room, desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the other guests who are smirking at you.

Of course, there is a better way – use a bathrobe. But a terrycloth bathroom is a bulky, heavy luxury when you’re trying to live out of a single backpack for several weeks or months, so I’ve always done without – until now. I recently found this lightweight travel robe that’s full size, but weighs only one pound and packs down pretty small, perfect for urbanpacking. And it’s made of micro-fleece, so it will keep you cozy, warm, and wrinkle-free.


And if my testimonial isn’t enough to convince you, note that the Wall Street Journal called it “Best Overall.” Granted, the Wall Street Journal writers are probably using it in the comfort of a private hotel suite instead of a hostel full of peering strangers, but it’s nice to know that they like it nevertheless.

I’m not sure the $69.95 price tag is entirely justified, but I guess it all comes down to just how much you hate getting dressed in shared hostel bathrooms. As for me, I think it’s worth it.