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How Lightweight Can a Sandal Be?

When I go hiking or backpacking in the fall or early spring, my trusty hiking boots are all the footwear I need. But as the warmer summer months approach, I’ve started to think about taking a pair of lightweight sandals along. I want a good water sandal that will let me splash in the streams without cutting my feet on the rocks, and also something that will be comfortable enough to walk around camp in the evening without having to trudge around in heavy boots.


Most of the water-sport sandals I’ve looked at are too heavy to pass the test when I’m trying to figure out which items deserve a space in my already-overloaded pack. Then I found the Aruba sandal made by Waldies. It has a funky design and is available in twelve different colors. But the best part is that they’re super light, weighing in at only 7.1 ounces for the pair. They’ve got good traction on the bottom and some nubby little pieces on the sole of the food for a gentle massage and stimulation for your circulation. Not bad for $34.95 plus shipping.


The only downside is that they don’t have a strap around the back of the ankle, so I don’t know how well they’ll stay put if I use them for crossing a stream. But the fit is pretty snug, so as long as I stay away from fast-moving waters, they’ll probably work out pretty well.

And for those urbanpackers out there… this could be a handy alternative for flip-flops when you’re sharing showers at low-budget hostals. A must-have for anyone who’s squeamish about foot fungi.