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DIY Heat Gaurd: Save You Lap From Your Laptop

I tend to actually put my laptop in my lap. The heat generated by a laptop can be uncomfortable and I’m none too happy about having that kind of heat that close to certain bodyparts. To solve this problem, I bought one of those little usb powered pads with fans that slip under your laptop. It seemed great at first, but quickly proved un-practical. Sure, the fans are nice, but they also drain your battery faster. And the pad itself is kind of thick, heavy, and takes up too much room in a backpack.

While visiting my friend Ninja Dave, I learned a better way. He used a simple piece of corrugated plastic. His came by way of picking up a “For Sale” sign. What a brilliant light weight and inexpensive solution! However, I was only able to find the flat plastic signs myself, not the corrugated plastic. I was able to find a nice big sheet of corrugated plastic, and this is what I did:

I bought  a poster board sized sheet of plastic.

Then, I gathered a razor to cut with and my laptop for measurement. I tried to cut this freehand. Unless you’re good at that sort of thing, I recommend using a straight edge as well.

I laid the laptop on the plastic to determine where to cut. To mark the boundaries, I scored the plastic using the knife. If you prefer, grab a pencil.

Then, I cut along the line.

For a little extra flare, I asked my girlfriend to add her magic touch. She painted. You could also use your favourite stickers.

And yes, she painted a snowboarding pony – or as I call him, Pwnie.

So, moving on, the plastic adds very little weight to my backpack and fits nicely into the same sleeve as my laptop itself. It doesn’t prevent as much heat transfer as the usb powered fan monstrosity; however, it does prevent a fairly high amount of heat transfer. Check out this action shot!

Thanks again to Ninja Dave for the tip, Nino for painting, and Cat for the final action shot!