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Hubba Hubba – The Best Tent Ever

Recently a friend recommended that I check out the MSR Mutha Hubba. “The wha-a-t?” I asked him. He told me it’s the absolute best tent he’s ever used. The cool design intrigued me, so I decided to find out more… and “hubba hubba,” he was right.


This tent is really easy to set up – and quick, which is a huge advantage when storm clouds are moving in, threatening to drench you and all your gear. It’s great for areas where it rains all the time, because you can easily keep the tent dry. Unlike many other tents, with this one you can set up the fly first, and then put up the tent underneath it, so your tent never gets wet. Most other designs expose your tent to the elements for at least a few minutes, since you normally have to set up the tent first and then pull the protective fly over it. And as anyone who’s ever had to sleep in a mold- or mildew-ridden tent knows, a dry tent makes for a better outdoor experience.


This tent weighs in at just under seven pounds, yet it has enough room for three people inside. It also has two entrances and two large areas just outside the door once the flap is down. You can use that space to store all the things you’ve brought along, keeping the sleeping area clean and neat.

And if you don’t believe me, note that Backpacker Magazine gave this tent one of its 15 Editor’s Choice Awards in 2006 – valuable testimony if you don’t plan to test all the tents in the marketplace. This one’s a winner.