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Solar Power via Power Hotspot

Hotspot from Regen ReNuSolar panels frustrate me. It seems like size, cost, and efficiency are at that tipping point where they’re almost practical, but not. Given the rapid evolution of solar technology, it’s just a matter of time. Perhaps, that time is near.

I just spotted Regen ReNu’s new “Power Hotspot” over on Engadget. This isn’t the microwave sized device that will power your house. We’re not there yet. However, this fairly portable device is great for recharging anything with a battery. From the press release:

At work, the Power HotSpotâ„¢ can recharge tools, notebooks and cell phones, or provide power to inverters for AC power. At home, it can power a shed or gazebo light, an aerator or fountain. And for recreation, the Power HotSpotâ„¢ brings convenience to the campsite, from re-charging lights to continuous play for radios and iPods to running boat aerators and re-recharging batteries on a dock.

One thing I don’t see on their website just yet… A price!